There’s Nothing Like Spirited School Competition

Featured-Image-FF1-285x190That’s the basic concept behind PAPA Advertising’s promotional materials touting a new pilot program for recycling deodorant sticks. It’s a joint effort with FundingFactory, a national leader in school and nonprofit fundraising through recycling, and Uniliver, the makers of a wide range of deodorant stick brands such as Dove and Suave.

“A number of the high schools and colleges who were already participating in FundingFactory’s printer cartridge recycling signed on for this initiative,” said Mike Smiley, PAPA vice president. “Our assignment was to develop collection displays, posters and related materials to promote the program as well as Unilever deodorant stick brands.”

Smiley noted that Corry Lino, PAPA art director, worked closely with FundingFactory to refine the campaign’s graphic elements and key messages.

“Our primary goal was to capture the attention of students with a visual that matched the simplicity of the headline,” explained Lino. “We decided to focus on the ‘racing deodorants,’ but kept them in a green environment with blue skies, fluffy clouds and lovely green grass…which was a great fit for FundingFactory.

“The angle of the collection box and lid serve as the running path and the racing deodorants are headed right into the box for recycling,” added Lino.