Media Planning & Buying

With local, national and international experience on retail, consumer, restaurant, healthcare, business-to-business and technology accounts, PAPA offers media planning and buying across all channels via a strategic partnership. Our belief is that many media relationships place too much emphasis on the final transaction. Instead, we focus on creating strategic connections to what the client business objectives are so that the media’s resources can be customized to achieve them.

Our key strengths include:

  • Proven ability to evaluate the new media landscape.
  • Expertise in reading the research.
  • Customized plans unique to each client’s objectives.
  • Access to research and analytic tools such as Arbitron, Nielsen, Claritas, Prizm, SRDS, VALS, Media Audit, Scarborough, Simmons and MRI research.
  • Real-time, online media buying through proprietary technology.

The Constantly Changing Media Landscape

The media landscape is evolving daily – broadcast TV and cable shares have declined as satellite has emerged and DVR has impacted how ratings are tracked; online and mobile advertising have exploded and social media is being heavily leveraged.

PAPA knows how to evaluate these challenges and evolve from a more traditional media approach. While we are cautious about jumping in to the latest new media enterprise, we are optimistic that they offer new opportunities to communicate to your target audiences.

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