Making Your Nonprofit Visible

The internet can be a crowded and sometimes confusing place. 10 years ago it was much easier for nonprofits to stand out but thanks to technology, and search engines, you have to do more if you want to be found. Which means you also have to know more—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr and of course search engine optimization. Navigating all of this while doing the rest of your job can be a challenge and can feel nearly impossible at times but there are things that you can take control over.

1. Control your search engine results page

Controlling your search engine results page (SERPs), is vital to driving traffic to your nonprofit’s blog, website, and social channels. The more traffic you get, the more donations, volunteers, and potential investors you have at your disposal. Obvious, right?

However, what’s not so obvious is how to get your website and blog to rank #1 and #2 overall for your name.

Aside from search engine optimizing your website and social media profiles, it is imperative your nonprofit has enough assets, or webpages, to fill the first page, of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Second, you need to keep active across all of these assets.

  1. Get social, and stay social

So you’ve got an account on every social media site you can think of but it doesn’t seem to be helping. The problem may be that you are not using it enough. The only real way it can help you it through consistent engagement, sharing and production of quality content, sharing of links to that asset on other feeds, and interactions from outside sources to rank those social media accounts on that first page.

Populating the first page of your SERPs with social media feeds is a great way to drive engagement across those channels. Using all of those free social media channels are serious additions to your brand management arsenal.

  1. Knowledge is power

Encourage your co-workers, Board members, volunteers, donors, and supporters, to like, comment, retweet, and share your content on their blogs and social media feeds. Just by asking you might increase your profile quite a bit.


2016 is almost here so it is the perfect time to start planning your “findability”. We know all of this can seem overwhelming but we are here to help– so don’t hesitate to call us! We love to see nonprofits, like yours, raise their brand profile and succeed!