Friday Highlight: Responsive Website Conversion

The work: Responsive Website Conversion
The client: Peach Street Dental & Dentures

Peach Street Dental and Dentures came to us to update their current website in order for it to become mobile friendly. This request has been very popular lately thanks to Google’s new Algorithm change which forces all websites to become mobile friendly in order to obtain better search results.

The old website was built in a CMS (Content Management System), and still functioned well so we there wasn’t a need for a full website rebuild. Instead, we were able to convert the site, enabling it to become responsive for Tablets and Mobile devices within just days at a very low cost to the client.

Many times clients fear that they will need an entire new site built to fulfill Google’s requirements but we have found that often times that is not necessary. Often, we can just convert an existing website to become a responsive website saving our clients lots of money and time.

If you’re interested in learning more about converting your existing website into a responsive site, please contact PAPA’s Director of Interactive Services, Jason Keller, at 814-454-6236.