Friday Highlight: A new CMS website for Morco

PAPA _ Friday Highlight 10-28

Morco Specialty Advertising Products came to PAPA with a website built in a “custom CMS” that had stopped working. This is a common problem today. If a developer goes out of business or no longer supports their own custom CMS (content management system) a website can suddenly quit working without warning, and much to the surprise of the owner. In the fast paced sales arena that Morco competes in, there was no time to spare in transitioning to a new platform.

PAPA was able to quickly rebuild the Morco site in Magento, the largest open source CMS available for e-commerce. Magento offers CMS web templates that generate multiple similar-looking pages and allows for customization of themes – a perfect match for Morco’s needs. The new website is also “responsive” which means it recognizes and responds to the type of device their visitor is using – desktop computer, tablet or phone.

Morco is one of the few ad specialty manufacturers to produce American-made products in this competitive field. And they are made right here in Pennsylvania! Thank you Morco for your continued business and congratulations on the launch of your new site!

To check out the site yourself, visit <>